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 English Script

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PostSubject: English Script   Fri Sep 02, 2016 3:49 pm

Trainer: Hello and welcome to the Malaysian Royal Customs (Kastam Diraja Malaysia) Training program!

Before we start, our pay days are every Friday @10PM GMT+8 (Malaysia/SG/HongKong).

We do have dividend everyday @10PM GMT+8.

Please come early before @9:30PM because the entrance gate will be close @9:30PM.

Please stay quiet, do not AFK and leave the room before we’ve finish our training session.

Without further do, let’s start our training about the rules of KDM.
Are you ready?

Recruit: Yes sir/ma’am!


There are 8 rules that you need to follow:

1. There is no uniform in KDM but kindly please follow KDM's dress code - blue and white only except R-7 and above.
2. Respect everyone, regardless of rank, gender, race, or beliefs.
3. Do not spam or use inappropriate language.
4. Do not use coloured chat, effects, dance, caps,until you reach R-7 and above.
5. Do not ask for promotions, pay, or room rights.
6. Do not self promote.
7. No double jobs.
8. Anyone who has purchased the ranks, your money will not be returned.

Trainer: Do you understand or do you need me to repeat the rules?

Recruit: I understand Sir/Ma’am!

Trainer: Okay, let’s proceed with the basic command of KDM.


ATT: Attention. Stand up, wave and say: Yes sir or Yes ma’am.
AE: At Ease. Sit back down and continue where you left off.
FTF: Fill the Front desks. If the front desk is full, please FTB.
FTB: Fill the Back. Head towards the sofa area in the back.
CTH: Clear the Hallway. To clear the hallways you can either FTB or FTF.
BTB: Back to Base.
BTW: Back to Work.

Trainer: Do you understand or do you need me to repeat the basic command?

Recruit: I understand Sir/Ma’am!

Trainer: Awesome! Now we will begin the test. This will include everything we've gone over.

You'll need at least 80% to pass and you may use any notes you have taken down.

You are required to whisper all answers throughout the test.

To whisper, click on my Habbo and type :whisper [Space Bar] along with your message.

Please send a test whisper now.

Please whisper me 3 random rules that I’ve just explained to you.

(If the recruit has done answering the question)

Trainer: 1. What does FTF mean?
2. What does FTB mean?
3. What does CTH mean?

(Recruit needs to get all 3 commands right)

Trainer: Next, I’m going to call out some commands.

I need you to demonstrate the actions.

Are you ready?

Recruit: Yes Sir/Ma’am!

Trainer: ATT / Attention!

AE / At ease!

(Recruit must demonstrate the commands correctly)

Trainer: Now, let’s have a look at your result! Must be exciting isn’t? Wink

(If the recruit passed the test)

Trainer: Congratulation! You have passed the test with flying colours.

Please change your motto to [KDM] Private I (STD) R-11 [TrainerTag]

(If the recruit failed the test)

Trainer: You did not pass your test with the minimum requirement 80% to pass. Please re-take this training session and test next time.

Please BTB, and enjoy your day working in KDM Very Happy

You are compulsory to update your training into the training log

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English Script
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