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 Official KDM Rank

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PostSubject: Official KDM Rank   Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:49 am

R-11 Rank
[KDM] Intern [RecruiterName] 0c 
[KDM] Private I R-11 0c
[KDM] Private II R-11 2c
[KDM] Private III R-11 3c
[KDM] Private IV R-11 4c
[KDM] Private V R-11 5c

(Can receive a promotion every 30 minutes)

R-10 Rank (SEC)
[KDM] Private R-10 6c 
[KDM] Specialist I R-107c
[KDM] Specialist II R-108c
[KDM] Specialist III R-109c
[KDM] Corporal I R-1010c
[KDM] Corporal II R-1011c
[KDM] Corporal III R-1012c
[KDM] Corporal IV R-1013c
[KDM] Corporal V R-1014c

(Can receive a promotion every 1 hour)

R-9 Rank (TRAINER)

[KDM] Sergeant I R-9 15c
[KDM] Sergeant II R-9 16c
[KDM] Sergeant III R-9 17c
[KDM] Staff Sergeant I R-9 18c
[KDM] Staff Sergeant II R-9 19c
[KDM] Staff Sergeant III R-9 20c
[KDM] Master Sergeant I R-9 21c
[KDM] Master Sergeant II R-9 22c
[KDM] Master Sergeant III R-9 23c
[KDM] Sergeant Major I R-9 24c
[KDM] Sergeant Major II R-9 25c
[KDM] Sergeant Major III R-9 26c
[KDM] CMD Sergeant Major I R-9 27c
[KDM] CMD Sergeant Major II R-9 28c
[KDM] CMD Sergeant Major III R-9 29c 

(Can receive a promotion every 1 hour)


R-8 Rank
[KDM] Petty Officer I R-8 30c 
[KDM] Petty Officer II R-831c
[KDM] Petty Officer III R-832c
[KDM] Petty Officer IV R-833c
[KDM] Chief Petty Officer I R-834c
[KDM] Chief Petty Officer II  R-835c
[KDM] Chief Petty Officer III R-836c
[KDM] Chief Petty Officer IV R-837c
[KDM] Chief Petty Officer VI R-838c

(Can receive a promotion every 2 hours)



R-7 Rank (HR)
[KDM] Room Ctrl R-7 40c 
[KDM] R-Ctrl I [Coach] R-742c
[KDM] R-Ctrl II [Coach] R-744c
[KDM] R-Ctrl III [Coach] R-746c
[KDM] R-Ctrl IV [Coach] R-748c
[KDM] Coach Commander R-750c
[KDM] Room Commander R-752c
[KDM] Master Commander R-754c
[KDM] Hight Insignia R-756c

(Can receive a promotion every 3 hours)

R-6 Rank
[KDM] IT Specialist R-6 58c 
[KDM] IT Conductor R-660c
[KDM] IT Management R-662c
[KDM] Warrant Officer I R-664c
[KDM] Warrant Officer II R-666c
[KDM] Warrant Officer III R-668c
[KDM] Warrant Officer IV R-670c
[KDM] Warrant Officer V R-672c
[KDM] Warrant Officer IV R-674c

(Can receive a promotion every 4 hours)

R-5 Rank
*Can promote up to R-7
[KDM] Lieutenant I R-579c
[KDM] Lieutenant II R-584c
[KDM] Lieutenant III R-589c
[KDM] Lieutenant IV R-594c
[KDM] Lieutenant V R-599c
[KDM] Lieutenant VI R-5104c
[KDM] Captain I R-5109c
[KDM] Captain II R-5114c
[KDM] Captain III R-5119c
[KDM] Captain IV R-5124c
[KDM] Captain V R-5129c
[KDM] Captain VI R-5134c 

(Can receive a promotion every 5 hours)

R-4 Rank
*Can promote up to R-6
[KDM] Rear Admiral I R-4139c
[KDM] Rear Admiral II R-4144c
[KDM] Rear Admiral III R-4149c
[KDM] Rear Admiral IV R-4154c
[KDM] Rear Admiral V R-4159c
[KDM] Rear Admiral I R-4164c
[KDM] Rear Admiral II R-4169c
[KDM] Rear Admiral III R-4174c
[KDM] Rear Admiral IV R-4179c
[KDM] Rear Admiral V R-4184c
[KDM] Vice Admiral R-4189c
[KDM] Admiral R-4194c
[KDM] Fleet Admiral R-4199c
[KDM] Admiral Of Room R-4 204c 

(Can receive a promotion every 10 hours)

 R-3 Rank
*Can promote up to R-5
[KDM] Green Badge I R-3214c
[KDM] Green Badge II R-3224c
[KDM] Green Badge III R-3234c
[KDM] Green Badge IV R-3244c
[KDM] Green Badge VI R-3254c
[KDM] Green Badge VII R-3264c
[KDM] Green Badge VIII R-3274c
[KDM] Green Badge IX R-3 284c 

(Can receive a promotion every 15 hours)

  R-2 Rank
*Can promote up to R-4
[KDM] Yellow Badge I R-2294c
[KDM] Yellow Badge II R-2304c
[KDM] Yellow Badge III R-2314c
[KDM] Yellow Badge IV R-2324c
[KDM] Yellow Badge VI R-2334c
[KDM] Yellow Badge VII R-2344c
[KDM] Yellow Badge VIII R-2354c
[KDM] Yellow Badge IX R-2 364c 

(Can receive a promotion every 20 hours)


R-1 Rank
*Can promote up to R-3
[KDM] HR I     

(Can receive a promotion every 24 hours)

No Price 

Chairman Rank

[KDM] Field Marshal Penawarindu
[KDM] Field Marshal    Sepender
[KDM] Field Marshal-momouapple-
[KDM] Field Marshal   -andrien-
[KDM] Field Marshal InnocentSin-

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Official KDM Rank
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